She Kept A Parrot


Koko is the latest resident at the Legend House She is an African Pygmy Hedgehog They’re about five inches long She hid in her hut after we brought her home When I notice her running on Che’s old wheel In the late hours of the first night I knew she would be okay in her new home She is Charlie’s birthday present He will be eleven years old on April 29, 2014… Read More

On my way to Mickey D’s for iced coffee I noticed a wide field of grain Under the setting sun, it looked absolutely golden I raced home for the camera and the wide-angle lens When I returned, the field wasn’t quite so golden anymore I had visions of photographing my landscape from a very low and dramatic angle Well, forget that Risking loss of life and limb parked alongside a busy highway I… Read More

The Beginning ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ The End

Every year, the doves appear in the spring. They add new sticks to their flimsy nests And set up housekeeping for another season. They built shabby nests under the eaves at the entrances to both of our houses. Every year, the nests grow bigger with the addition of new building materials. And, every year they lay their eggs and raise their young in the old nests. They visited the garden and sunned… Read More

Sepia is not my favorite tone. It often turns pink. Or the color of mud. Sepia is the color noise in my photographs. Color Noise stalks me.  She is my Nemesis. She lurks in the shadows waiting to invade my favorite shots. I thought of this one as “White Chocolate” (Or, Mud Cake) I was sitting on the porch late one night When I decided to snap the vase of roses. There wasn’t much light, but the… Read More

At the encouragement of a friend, Ray, I took up the camera late in life, as they say. My interest in photography was fueled by a desire to paint my world as I saw it. I have little interest in recording life as it appears to the objective eye. I have experienced quite enough of life in its harsh reality. I am searching for beauty that is not visible to the naked… Read More

On March 17, 2013, Cheeky broke out of his shell and into the world. He is stretching a wing as all parrots do when they are delighted by something. He is foraging in Rita’s food bowl, But he pauses to stretch for me because I am talking to him. A couple of months ago I placed him on Rita’s large play stand beside my desk. At first, he really did not want… Read More

The Polar Vortex came On the heels of the murderous Frost And wrapped the Garden in ice Black Ice The Fans made a sound like rustling parchment When the wind shifted Cracked ice crashed onto fans below Each leaf encased in its own glass coffin Shiny Black Ice Transformed the leaves Into stiff caricatures of themselves Dead Pygmy Palm leaves And live ones too Froze in a robotic dance Cardboard Palm leaves… Read More

We celebrate Birth and Life. We avert our eyes from Death and Dying. We see life in Kodachrome. We see Death in monochrome.  After the recent freeze, I went into the garden on a mission to study death and dying in the plant life there. I made many photographs of what I saw. I want to share the death of the Staghorn here. After the frost, The Staghorn anchor leaves changed from tender green… Read More

There are Faeries in the Garden. I know it’s true. But don’t expect to see them Unless, of course, You’re a very small child Who knows Surprise Or An Ancient Hermit With squinty eyes In the Faerie World There are brown days And white days… And midnight days… But… Round about midnight When the cold wind blows Faeries know something only Faeries know. It’s time to summer in the south of France! Still…… Read More