She Kept A Parrot


Every day at Mickey D’s! A few members of the Mickey D family. The following video (inspired by the eighty-three-year-old barber who gives haircuts for hugs in Hartford, Conn.) reminds me of the spirit of the members of the family who greet me with Smiles Laughter Kindness Acceptance and Friendship Every day of the year. Thank you from the bottom of my old heart! ♥ I am happy to introduce My Micky… Read More

Well, Folks, Cheeky sailed right through Kindergarten. Yesterday, he received his graduation reward. A trip to the Big Tree. You don’t just bring home a baby parrot and plunk him down in a tree. If you do, he’ll either fly off or climb to the top (if he doesn’t fall and break something).  He will be virtually impossible to retrieve. Besides, if it’s a tree that’s poisonous to parrots, you’ll kill him. Cheeky… Read More

I picked up a box of tulip bulbs during the Christmas holidays. I brought the box home and set it on a counter in the kitchen. I didn’t much like the color of the buds or the anemic foliage. At first. While I wasn’t paying attention, they began to open rapidly. I could hardly believe it. I never had tulips so I didn’t realize that they open and close depending on the… Read More

I am doing something here that I almost never do. I am posting an impromptu post. I am delighted to present (Drum roll, please…) Cheeky 🙂 A couple of days ago, when I was in the pet store picking up food for the girls, I saw a Yellow-Sided Green-Cheek Conure in a large, glass exhibit. I didn’t recognize the species so I walked over to investigate. Big mistake. This little fellow hopped… Read More

Hello, Friends!  I missed the entire month of April.  This post just sat there waiting for me to finish it.  I started the post to share my Iris with you.  I declare, I must have zillions of photographs of the Iris now.  I never paid the slightest attention to the old-fashioned iris.  I never really liked them.  My daughter included these plants in the landscape plan for this house primarily because of… Read More

Several weeks ago,  I stopped at the Islamic Center.  I had been watching a row of orange trees along the perimeter of the property adjacent to a parking lot.  They were heavy with fruit.  I could hardly believe that nobody was picking them.  Perhaps I was mistaken in my impression that they were ripe. I parked my car and looked around for somebody who might give me permission to photograph and to… Read More

When my husband (Dean) was living, he had two loves:  Boy and his longhorns.  He got his first two bulls from a friend who maintains a herd of them here and one in Tennessee.  He’s the same eccentric, mountain-man friend of the Muffler Morgue post.  The two babies, whom Dean christened “Tom and Jerry”, were sickly little critters.  Dean had them delivered to our vet, Tom Moscatelli, who kept them for weeks… Read More

When Boy was little, his parents assembled a fort in his yard.  He was excited.  He was a little afraid.  The fort was very tall, and he was very small. Soon enough and with considerable encouragement, he mastered the climb to the top of his newly discovered world. The Fort became Boy’s little kingdom.  He popped up halting any intruder who dared to set foot on the pathway near the fort. Countless… Read More

Those of you who recall the post titled “Sister Angels” know how distressed I was at the vandalism that left one of the angels destroyed.  A few weeks ago, I drove by the cemetery and looked over at the tombstone expecting to see only one intact angel.  To my absolute delight, I saw that the ravaged angel was whole again.  I could hardly believe it.  A bird sat on her wing watching… Read More

A Family Business When I took the photographs of the old equipment and buildings at our concrete business several months ago, I posted most of them.   Then I realized that I had talked about the business, but I didn’t do it in a way that tells you what it represents to me. I hope this post tells you something about me that I believe is essential to who I am. When people… Read More