She Kept A Parrot


The Ill-Fated Cactus Garden Boy’s mom is a designer of onsite sewage treatment systems.  She is also a fantastic landscape designer.  What she is not is a potted plant person.  Her CAD program does not extend beyond design … certainly not to potted plant care.  Boy went along with her to the nursery one day to choose some plants for her landscape project.  There, he fell in love with cacti … the… Read More

Tea With Miss Lucy Anole Mr. Anole made a surprise appearance in his new coat yesterday.  A green one instead of the brown one he was wearing when we met.  He heard that he was being photographed, I am fairly certain.  I told him he looked dapper in it.  I noticed a bit of pink blush spread under his chin as he agreed that green really is his best color.  He could… Read More

RITA Rita is the inspiration for the title of this blog.  I thought I should finally credit her.  After all, if your byline is based on the life of a character, you ought to say a little something about her, don’t you think?  I don’t have many followers who are parrot keepers.  The reason I know that is because nobody asks questions about her.  If you aren’t a parrot keeper, you probably… Read More

It all started on Friday morning.  Boy showed up with an itch.  To catch him some catfish.  Well, I don’t know a thing about catching a fish, period.  I remember riding with my daddy in the motor boat when he went to collect the catfish off the trot lines at the lake.  I was a kid.  He said the whiskers bite.  Now, I was something of a tomboy, but biting fish didn’t… Read More

I have been toying with the idea of showing you our concrete manufacturing plant.  The problem is where to start.  Do I tell you the story of how it came to be?  Do I tell you what it is now?  How to do it?  I will just start somewhere and ramble on as a thought about it pops into my head.  I spent the better part of my life in this business…. Read More

I On Friday, Boy and I stopped at a fruit stand to buy a watermelon.  That’s where we met Old Tex.  When I got out of the car with my camera, I motioned for him to stay where he was.  He was sitting in a chair behind the fruit and vegetables.  I told him we wanted a watermelon and I wanted to take his picture.  Immediately, he found his groove.   He picked… Read More

Okay, I figured out what is causing my slow Internet connection.  It’s those sneaky Garden Gremlins and their UFO buddies!  I’m onto ’em now.  I got the photographic evidence against ’em.  I’m gonna’ take Rich’s bat to their ship if they show up again.  Or hang some of Joseph’s Eyeballs around the whole place.  They hate eyeballs. Actually, my infamous Guru logged in (Via LogMeIn) and fixed my connection.  Here he is.  His name is Ray… Read More

Muffler Morgue This old muffler storage rack has been behind a muffler shop here since before I came to live in this town.  I know the owner of the shop and his family.  I saw their grandchildren grow up.  If you ever had a busted muffler, it’s probably in this catacomb.  That is, if you’ve lived here long enough to know where to get a muffler replaced.  The owner and his family… Read More

I am confused.  I have lost an artist.  I seem to have two R. Jarrells.  I have the one whom I know definitively to be a printmaker of the first order.  I bought three of his etchings in 1976.  This Jarrell (Richard, he is) lives in Durham, North Carolina, USA.  He is well-known now, but he was a young man (we used to call them starving artists) selling his watercolors and etchings at… Read More

My dentist was a nice man.  He hummed country music songs while he worked.  After he asked me the very first question, he didn’t ask me anything else ever.  He forgot to take his hand out of my mouth.  He didn’t hold it against me, though.  We went through a lot together, Swinford and I.  He had a son after I met him.  He said he was too old, but his wife… Read More