She Kept A Parrot


Okay, so the title is a classic Bait-and-Switch! I didn’t see one snake or scorpion or tarantula… This weekend I went with the kids to their ranch in Duval County, Texas. Although they bought the place several years ago, this was my first visit. My point about the critter boots is that they make everybody who visits wear a pair of snake boots. These are some that Charlie outgrew, but they provide… Read More

The Polar Vortex came On the heels of the murderous Frost And wrapped the Garden in ice Black Ice The Fans made a sound like rustling parchment When the wind shifted Cracked ice crashed onto fans below Each leaf encased in its own glass coffin Shiny Black Ice Transformed the leaves Into stiff caricatures of themselves Dead Pygmy Palm leaves And live ones too Froze in a robotic dance Cardboard Palm leaves… Read More

Autumn in the Garden is quiet. The plants and the animals seem to move silently about the task of preparing for the long sleep. As he has done for nearly thirty years, Mr. Gargoyle watches without much interest as one final arm of the Trumpet falls aimlessly over his shoulder. When the vine on the pergola shows her last bits of new green, I no longer expect a coral trumpet. But, as… Read More

Hello, Folks! On my birthday, I spent the early part of the day and the late evening investigating all of the nooks and crannies in the garden. It always surprises and delights me when I discover the changes in everything that grows and lives there beneath the leafy cover. I was delighted when I discovered that Mr. Anole had quietly returned. I almost brushed by him sitting in the shadows on a… Read More

Several weeks ago,  I stopped at the Islamic Center.  I had been watching a row of orange trees along the perimeter of the property adjacent to a parking lot.  They were heavy with fruit.  I could hardly believe that nobody was picking them.  Perhaps I was mistaken in my impression that they were ripe. I parked my car and looked around for somebody who might give me permission to photograph and to… Read More

Early this morning, I saw a pair of courting doves sitting on the fence outside my screened porch.  Stealthy hunter that I am, I sneaked out behind the pergola where I could get a bead on them with the camera.  Of course, they saw me in my bright pink robe and sailed away.  I only got one quick shot of them from my hiding place. When I looked down, I discovered a… Read More

When my husband (Dean) was living, he had two loves:  Boy and his longhorns.  He got his first two bulls from a friend who maintains a herd of them here and one in Tennessee.  He’s the same eccentric, mountain-man friend of the Muffler Morgue post.  The two babies, whom Dean christened “Tom and Jerry”, were sickly little critters.  Dean had them delivered to our vet, Tom Moscatelli, who kept them for weeks… Read More

Help From A Fellow Blogger There is a phenomenon at work here on WordPress.  It is a Twenty-First Century style community that feels very much like a Nineteenth or Twentieth Century rural community in which neighbors help neighbors.  A barn-raising kind of community.  I wanted to share an experience that I had recently with a blogger who lives in Australia.   Her name is Leanne Cole, and one of her blogs is Leanne… Read More

A Ride Downtown The first building I saw on my ride was Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church.  Worshipers were coming out of the church, but they were kind enough to wait for me to snap this photo.  I was stopped in the middle of the street blocking traffic!  I believe this is the oldest Catholic church in Victoria. A couple of blocks away, I saw Trinity Lutheran church.  I liked the… Read More

A Family Business When I took the photographs of the old equipment and buildings at our concrete business several months ago, I posted most of them.   Then I realized that I had talked about the business, but I didn’t do it in a way that tells you what it represents to me. I hope this post tells you something about me that I believe is essential to who I am. When people… Read More