Seventy-Three Years

I swore that I would never post again until I answered every wonderful comment on my last post.

I am still well, but I have had a few small complications that kept me from concentrating.

I apologize.

I just had to share this birthday wish with you.

I laughed and laughed.

A dear friend, who shares my macabre sense of humor, sent it to me today.

Many kind friends sent good wishes.

Glenda, a good friend of more than thirty years,

brought this beautiful orchid and some tasty pastries.

We had a wonderful visit as we always do.


My sister, Linda, sent these heavenly scented lilies that have just begun to open.

I love lilies as much as I love orchids, of course, and these are especially beautiful.

I had a great birthday.

I expect that it will be my last, but that’s good, too.

I have enjoyed a great seventy-three years.

I’ve done everything I ever wanted to do.

I’ve lived far longer than I ever expected.

And I am happy.

Blessings to all of my WP friends!


40 Comments on “Seventy-Three Years

  1. May babies are the best – they hold a special place in my heart. I grew up with one & I have 3 that live in my house now too. 😉
    Hope that you had a nice bday.
    Lovely flowers & Oh – that cake.
    Much love to you today & always…


  2. Belated Happy Birthday …. I for one am glad you’ve lived this long as it has given me a chance to get to know you through your blog. I feel lucky to know such a funny, warm-hearted person!


  3. Best wishes. May this message reach you across the web . Your strength of self is wonderful to behold.


  4. Sorry I missed this post, George. I’ve been travelling, and am now in South Africa for a few weeks. I also had to laugh at your friends macabre sense of humour. She obviously knows you very well. Glad you had such a happy birthday and were thoroughly spoiled. The flowers are gorgeous. xx


  5. Belated happy birthday! Of course, as we crawl up the numbers, we get to celebrate these events for longer and longer. Like for a year at a time?
    Silly you, thinking you have to respond to every single comment. I’m sure I’m not alone in just being happy to find out that you’re still kicking up a storm and taking beautiful pictures and laughing at life and death.


  6. Happy Birthday 🎂
    So sorry I haven’t been up to date on what is going on! All of your posts have been going into my spam.
    You’re truly a remarkable woman George!


  7. Happy birthday to you, precious George…. I am so glad that you are celebrating….and with such a beautiful post, too. I sent you a present a couple of weeks ago, so you will have to scroll back on my blog a little bit to find it….but you will know when you’re there. Sending you a warm embrace for your day. 😀


  8. Happy Birthday George!! Loves to you. Can’t say I embrace the cake…let me be the odd man out….glorious photos too!


  9. SO good to hear from you again, my dear George. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. I wonder what that baker thought when your friend asked for that message to be put on the cake! It’s a rare person who can sustain that kind of humor. You have a keeper of a friend and my guess is that your friend feels the same way about you. 🙂

    You are in my heart, George…


  10. Dear George,
    I am glad you had a happy birthday–you approach it with the three Cs– clarity, composure and courage. Sending you best wishes, hugs, and good thoughts.


  11. I’m so glad you had a great birthday; all the flowers are beautiful but that CAKE is really the crowning touch. I’m very curious about who sent it!


  12. the greatest birthday gift of all is how you have such peace of heart and mind–and your own minted gallows humour–things no cake, flowers or (even) chocolate can be surrogates for

    and still–may there be many many many more lovely dawns and equally beautiful eventides to grace your nonpareil heart


  13. Sounds like you are having a lovely birthday treat – cake, beautiful flowers and friends visiting. Enjoy the rest of your day George.


  14. Man what a wonderful cake… wish I’d been there to share a piece… Happy belated Birthday and I look forward to next years post from you on your 74th… Keep on hanging in there George, kick the arse of that cancer… Hell I love my ……. (you know what,) it is a real blessing for me…..

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  15. Happy birthday, George! I love the cake 🙂 I was wondering how you were! I have one of those little orchids, a Mother’s Day gift some years ago from my younger son… and about to flower yet again. It seldom stops, so it seems appropriate as a birthday gift for you 🙂 One of these days, I want to be able to write that last paragraph, and think of you and smile x

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  16. How good it is to have friends who know just exactly how to relate to us, and with whom we have a common language and the pleasure of humor. My best wishes to you on your birthday. May every day bring you some sort of pleasure. I know you will continue to be vibrant and awake as long as you live.

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  17. George, happy birthday from me too – and I love the cake! But I was about to email you, asking how you are – well you know how I am! Look after yourself, my dear friend. Love and hugs from me. A xxx

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  18. Happy Birthday, George. Been thinking about you. You are so special to us all…WP and beyond.



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